Who We Are

People, Process, Precision

A core feature of Minerva Analytics is its analytical ability. Combined with our award winning software, Minerva Analytics is able to deliver timely, consistent and in-depth analysis which is second to none. When judging competence, Minerva Analytics focuses on the fact that size and capability are not correlated. Some proxy firms deploy ranks of temps to manage the challenges of proxy season. Instead we use the latest technology and robust systems to automate repetitive tasks thus minimising the risk of human error and inconsistency.

The blend of people and technology gives Minerva Analytics unparalleled flexibility to deliver tailor-made governance support services to meet your exact needs.

A Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable Team

Minerva Analytics has a team of over 40 full or part-time employees. The company is arranged into functional groups comprising:

  • Research
    • Data Analysts
    • Research Report Writers
  • Voting
    • Agenda Procurement
    • Vote Management
    • Stewardship Support
  • IT
  • Marketing, Finance & Administration

Our team is highly educated and knowledgeable with a wide variety of language and professional analytical skills. Research analysts will typically speak two languages and have either a BA or MA in a relevant area of study, together with further professional qualifications.

Minerva Analytics’s people have real market knowledge and who consult primary sources for their information. They verify disclosures for inconsistencies and accuracy and strive to meet demanding quality standards to ensure our products and services have unrivalled accuracy and speed.